the lovely MOOR witch 

Jacqueline ONANDA is a modern witch and an ancient angel. She started her adventure on this Earth in East Germany nearly 50 solar returns ago and learnt from early age, that life could change from one moment to another. After studying INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS in five different countries and a 12 years’ success story in Top Management in Mexico, Jacqueline switched from workaholic to warmhearted mother and holistic family therapist. She did a master in SYSTEMIC SOCIAL SOLUTIONS and stepped into a completely spirit-guided life including initiations in indigenous traditions and collective trauma healing processes. After more than 20 years of Nutrition & Health coaching and workshops, divine leadership and outstanding day-to-day experiences in all fields of the new paradigm HOLIVERSAL®, Jacqueline lives today in the middle of Europe guiding her unschooled son and different projects / people outside „the old system“. 



For many years I have been writing blogs and books regarding my different fields of expertise. The immense amount of clarity that arises as soon as I free myself giving all the information that waits to be offered to interested readers is challenging and a huge compensation for the work involved. 

As a child I used the typewriter of my grand mother with enthusiasm. Nowadays I just sit down and write whenever I search for new insights. The universe with all its wisdom finds the words that come out of the inner source thus the texts can be shared with my self and readers. 

Experiences show the importance of the feedback loop with cosmic intelligence. We can tap into more than we know by just trying again and again. Thus I encourage people to express their ideas and serve as creative expressions of the whole existence just by following divine guidance and intuition.

My books are published by the HOLIVERSAL® fairLAG offering mainly my favourite subjects:


My poems and artworks with BLOODPRINTS can be found under the label of Lilith Sirius.


The human capacity to bring ideas and dreams into reality inspired my way of serving cosmic creativity. The endless flow of old and new projects, the surprises on individual potentials and the pure joy of following the inner guidance gets me into my success ZONE.

I love sharing the power of manifestation with courageous partners. We decide for pioneer work on socially important aspects of current life. Financial resources come from mindful entrepreneurs and their companies. 

With HOLIVERSAL® I have been walking and dancing new rhythms of life for ten years already. Starting in Mexico with my beloved dragonfly I just follow the signs and opportunities. Business as well as education, nutrition, community, health and partnership are main topics to be reinvented in the light of the 21st century. 

We invite all fellow entrepreneurs to invest in scHOLa21 - the HOLIVERSAL® way of holding space & time for self-directed wild and independent EDUCATION of youngsters with their families, tutors and friends. It is a real pleasure to see and set free boys and girls for them to just be their own best version.



Leadership is my life purpose. I love being connected to source and receiving divinely inspired ideas, words, images and analogies. With the result of many years of relax & detox, I managed to free myself from limiting beliefs and from inadequate energies in the german collective fields.

Now, we all are ready to lead and being guided by authentic leaders. I understand this really important part in global team work on all levels. The ability to perceive and transmit ways that serve others for overall satisfying actions and  understanding brings the chance to leave a footprint in my life.

I am dedicated to let people know about the enormous shift in our capacities and talents in theses challenging times. With currently widened insights and views on the subtle cosmic dynamics in all interactions, we are invited to put the puzzle together and find peaceful solutions to all challenges.

Agreeing with Albert Einstein, I am strongly convinced that the cosmos and everything we can imagine is in depths a benevolent space-time construct that invites us to over-come boundaries. By jumping from 2D areas to 3D fields we connect with peaceful stillness and find our answers.

my favourite mantra: BE STILL AND KNOW I AM


For all awareness work, we are invited to really consider the important influence of nutrition on how we perceive the world. The degree of love, pureness and vitality of physical food as well as energy and information that surround our being throughout day and night is crucial for the question of health and happiness.

All things that happen to us follow an Earth bound logic that is important to assume. The story of victims is a legend made up to distract from divine power and potential. By stepping into a YES in terms of responsability for our holistic view on nutrition, we find deep wisdom and ways to consciously invite suitable energies for projects and certain situations. All options invite us to a feeling of homecoming. We surely decide in every moment on our worthiness and levels of power in life. 

Whatever we invite on a subconscious level into the experience of life brings certain chapters of adventure and joy. With meaningful ways of nurturing our bodies and fine structures, we can enhance the feeling of connection with all there is. Thus oneness becomes an experience of real awareness. 

I love coaching people and teams into their power. With a bit of magic everybody finds an own definition of well-being / self-love.


We discover in our daily life the cosmic laws and their implications on Earthly circumstances. After a decade of independent research in the fields of


we are convinced of the benevolent nature of all there is and will be. Let us inspire the lifestyle we wish for by simply being fully aware of our own potential & power. Everyone is entitled to define a proper view on the world and live for meaningful visions.

During all my studies I was often astonished that the information given in the old school system and in science is build on premises that are by far totally away from reality. The notion of scientific models only to serve for rational insights without being the only truth there is, became a healing clarity for me. 

We invite everybody to enter a world of holistic discussion and dialectic investigation. With new social structures,  an unfolding society that respects individual rights is in our hands - here & now. Let's live PEACE!